A romantic set in the art today: is it possible in these days, so harsh and ambivalent? In the works of the painter Yuri Kaluta from St. Petersburg there is revealed an undeniable attraction to the very emotional tone that we are used to call "romantic". The artist is attracted by the light, by the cheerful and fine life, resembling of magic tale. The present day's harshness can't wake in his soul a wish to reflect it on the canvas. His own world and that of his familiars open for him a particular end in his cognition of the realty. Here begins his subcontious wandering that allows him to investigate in detail his own personality, the personality of a creator who can perceive the real world through himself only.

1957 Born in the town Krivoi Rog
1973-77 Studied at the Odessa State Art School(named after M.B.Grecov)
1983-89 Studies at the St.Peterburg Art Academy ;guided by A.A.Mylnikov
1989-91 Postgraduate work at the painting and design department since 1991 Teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Personal Exhibitions:

  • 1991 - St.Petersburg, Art Academy
  • 1992 - The Central Artist's Club , Moscow
  • 1992-93 - The Chamber Hall of the Chapel , St.Peterburg
  • 1993 - The Cinema Club , St.Peterburg
  • 1995 - The New Gallery ,Hamburg , Germany
  • 1998 - Atlanta, USA
  • 1999 - Beijing, China
  • 2002 - Shanghai, Chana

Group Exhibitions:

  • 1992-94 - Hamburg-Berlin, Germany
  • 1994-96 - Russian-Korean at the Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts
  • 1994 - «The Old City», the Chamber Hall of the Chape , St.Petersburg
  • 1995 - Hamburg, Germany
  • 1996 - Gut Gortz, Germany
  • 1996 - The First Spring at the Art Academy masters, St.Petersburg
  • 1997 - The Second Spring at the Art Academy masters, St.Peterburg
  • 1997 - «From Egypt to Blankensee» Hamburg, Germany
  • 1997 - Repin Institute masters at the Anichkov Palace, St. Petersburg
  • 1997 - «Artists to the Church», Art academy Halls, Moscow
  • 1997 - Peking, China
  • 1998 - Vincent Louis Gallery, New York, USA
  • 1999 - Russian Resplendence, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • 2000 - Atlanta, USA
  • 2000 - LaPalette Gallery, Miami, USA
  • 2001 - Russian Resplendence II, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • 2003 - Eclectic Russian Contemporary Art, Barette Gallery, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, CA
Works are in many private collections all over the World and represented in the Fine Arts Academy Museum’s collection. Kaluta’s works are also included in the collection of the Beijing Art museum.